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It is within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the Organic Law n° 100-13 related to the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power, which came into force by virtue of Dahir n° 1-16-40 of 14 Jumada II 1437 (24 Mars 2016); and within the framework of the Council’s openness to the outside world in a way that aims at putting the information within everyone’s reach; and to establish a transparent relationship characterized by prompt and accurate access to information; and in view of the Council’s firm conviction of the need to take part in the process of modernizing the judicial administration and implementing mechanisms of governance and efficiency; and to establish ways to communicate with judges, professionals in the field of justice and civil society; that the launching of this website came into being, which is considered as one of the most effective mechanisms that the Council, as a whole, has adopted with the intention of establishing a permanent and continuous link between the Council and the different social categories of the Moroccan society in general, and with judges in particular.

What sets this website apart is that it includes a range of activities, data, information and accurate statistics reflecting the firm desire of the Council to promote the judiciary and upgrade the level of programs adopted in this regard, in order to ensure that justice is at the service of citizens. This is particularly apparent in the strategic choices which the Council committed to implement and carry out, within a framework of transparency, total independence, and absolute respect for the law. This is to consolidate confidence and credibility in an efficient and equitable judicial system, which is considered the bulwark of the state of law, institutions, and the rule of law, as well as a pillar of judicial security, good governance, catalyst for development, protector of the rights of litigants, and a guarantor of the rights of individuals, groups, and of freedoms; under a framework where His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, is the guarantor of the independence of the Judiciary as an autonomous power, independent of the executive and legislative powers.

Thus, with the intention to implement all governance and efficiency mechanisms, and establish communication means with judges, the Council was keen on dedicating a space on this website to judges so as to ensure communication and exchange information between them and the Council, with the aim of facilitating the processing of their requests with promptness, transparency and ease, while assuring the proper application of the required principles of confidentiality, reinforced by high degrees of data encryption, while pending the adoption of the electronic signature technique; in this regard, it is incumbent upon judges to improve their skills in the use of computer techniques, so as to achieve the intended objective of creating this space.    


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