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Council Composition

In accordance with chapter 115 of the Constitution, the Council consists of:

  • The First President of the Court of Cassation, as President-Delegate;
  • The Prosecutor General of the king before the Court of Cassation;
  • The President of the First Chamber of the Court of Cassation;
  • Four representatives elected by and among judges of the Courts of Appeal;
  • Six representatives elected by and among judges of First-Instance Courts;


The representation of women judges must be guaranteed from among the ten elected members, in proportion to their presence within the judiciary, and in accordance with the requirements of Articles 23 and 45 of the present organic law.

  • The Mediator;
  • The President of the National Council for Human Rights;
  • Five figures appointed by the King, recognized for their competence, impartiality and integrity, as well as their distinguished contribution to the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law, including a member proposed by the Secretary-General of the Superior Council of the Ulema.

Section16, CP 1789, Hay Riyad, Rabat

  • +212 537 73 95 40/41
  • +212 537 72 13 37
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Complaints Phone Number
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