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Monday, February 28, 2022
The President Delegate of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power, Mr. M’hammed Abdennabaoui, met on Monday, February 28, 2022, at the Council in Rabat, with the head of the judiciary of the Republic of Sudan, Abdelaziz Fath Arrahmane Abidine Mohammed, accompanied by a high-level judicial delegation.

At the outset of the meeting, both parties praised the historical ties and the unwavering relations that bring together the two brotherly nations, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Sudan. In the same respect, the parties discussed various strategic issues of common concern, and ways to promote judicial cooperation and exchange experiences.

On this occasion, Mr. M’hammed Abdennabaoui delivered a presentation on the novelties of the Moroccan judicial system and the overall measures taken by the Kingdom, with the support of His Majesty King Mohammed VI may God assist Him, to strengthen the independence of the judicial authority specifically with regard to the crucial and forward provisions set forth in the Kingdom’s constitutions of 2011, as well as the subsequent legislative and institutional procedures which resulted in a radical change at the level of structuring and reforming the judiciary in the Kingdom.

For his part, Mr. Abdelaziz Fath Arrahmane Abidine Mohammed lauded the novelties of the Moroccan judicial system and gave a historical overview of the judicial system of the Republic of Sudan, and the novelties that this system witnessed at the structural and institutional level.

After assessing the validity of the judicial agreements concluded between the two countries, it was agreed that it is paramount to strengthen the judicial cooperation in a manner that serves the great common interests in several fields; hence, providing services to the two peoples.

Both parties agreed to foster communication between Moroccan judges and their Sudanese counterparts, with a view to exchanging expertise and strengthening skills, especially regarding best practices and serving development goals which achieve prosperity for the two brotherly peoples.

It is worth noting that this reception is a part of a visit of the head of the judiciary in Sudan to the Kingdom of Morocco accompanied by a high-level delegation, which will last for a week and include several meetings with various Moroccan officials, as well as visits to judicial institutions.


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